What are my payment options?
We accept MasterCard, VISA, or PayPal.

How do I know what size to order?
To be sure you get the right size, you can consult the manufacturer’s sizing charts, such as Speedo, TYR, or ARENA. A quick phone call to our storefront will also allow you to reach an associate who may have additional information. As a rule of thumb, female sizing is comparable to dress sizes and male sizes comparable to male waist sizes.

Note: In general, we find that for the TYR brand, you may need to go down one size as compared to the Speedo brand.

What is my racing suit size?
Ideally you want to go one to three sizes down from what you train in. However, this may vary depending on the brand of your training suit and the brand of your racing suit. We recommend, if possible, that you establish you racing suit size in any of the following ways:

Visit our storefront to be properly fitted by one of our racing suit experts. Different brands and styles have different fits and our experienced associates can assist you in getting the best fit possible.

Don’t live close to our location? We attend swim meets across the region and set up a portable sales booth.
If neither option is available to you, sizing charts for the different brands may be of some assistance. Select the size you think will be best for you. You may return items that do not fit as long as they have not been worn and tags are still intact. See more details in our return policy.

Note: Wearing a racing suit that is not the right size can slow you down instead of speed you up!

How do I know if my goggles fit?
Ly Sports carries a wide variety of styles of goggles. Every face shape is different and we want to ensure we have a style that will seal to your face properly. Ideally you should be able to push the goggles onto your face without them falling off. An alternative test is to put the goggles on (straps and all), grab the nosepiece and pull the goggles off your face. If you hear a pop and feel the suction on your face, then you know you have a good seal that is going to keep water out. In store, our experienced associates can assist you in getting a good fit.

What’s the difference between girl’s size 26, 28, in a youth Speedo suit, and female size 26, 28 suit?
Speedo youth sizing is specifically designed for the younger girl swimmers and the size 26 and 28 correlate closely to girls’ sizes 10 and 12. The following chart should help you determine whether to buy the youth size or the adult size.

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