Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Full Body Open Back – FINAL SALE

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POWERSKIN Carbon Pro, the next generation racing suit integrating a carbon cage to deliver intelligent muscle compression, combined with unprecedented fit.

Compression in a competition suit is associated with the increased support, efficiency and power, but high compression can have a restricting effect on movement. The swimmer in motion is also a dynamic form complex requirements for support and compression. How can you get more of the benefits of compression, without its drawbacks? Squeezing the swimmer harder will not help!

To deliver a breakthrough solution to the compression challenge, arena has incorporated CARBON FIBER into the weave of the POWERSKIN® Carbon-Pro fabric. Known for its unique structural and mechanical properties,the carbon fibre locks down when and where a critical stretch level is reached, while retaining the suit`s elasticity. This delivers a ramp-up in compression on those specific overextended zones, increasing support and control where and when they are needed without detracting from the swimmers mobility.