Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Mirrored Racing Goggles

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The all-new Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Racing Goggles are jammed packed with new performance enhancing technologies. The goggles will give you all the confidence you need with a cutting edge against your competitors on race day.


FINA approved

IQfit™ 3D goggle seal for a leak-free and secure fit

Reduced marks around the eyes

Speedo’s patented IQfit™ strap with a locking mechanism to ensure a precise fit

New Hydroscopic Lens shape for maximum foveal & peripheral vision with minimum head movement

New 3 piece Hydrodynamic nose bridges with patented vertical locking system for speed, comfort & durability

X Fit point marker for precise alignment of Fastskin goggles and cap on race day

Dual-shot construction allows opaque & translucent seal colours for varying degrees of visual brightness

Anti-fog coated lenses

100% UV protection