Manufacturers have limited warranties for defects. If you believe a tech suit purchased from Ly Sports Inc. is defective, please notify us at at your earliest convenience with:

Image of original purchase receipt/order number.

Thorough details of defect details. (Where is the defect located? How many times has it been used?)

CLEAR images of the defect.

On our customer’s behalf, we will request a warranty with the appropriate company.  It is up to the brand’s warranty department to make the decision to replace a suit.  From our experience this can be a long process and may result in no replacement. We strive our best to help our customers during these difficult and frustrating times. Ly Sports will notify you immediately upon learning the decision of the warranty dept.

If approved, all warranty claims are subject to a $25 handling and shipping fee.

There are many types of defects that we have seen, most common ones are bonding separation or opened seams.

Deterioration of garment from improper use and/or improper care such as sun exposure, harsh chlorine, improper recreational use, or any damage beyond the product’s natural life expectancy may not be refunded.

Holes and tears caused by pinch, pressure or a finger poking through (consequential or incidental damages, i.e. pulling too hard and breaking a bonded seam) are not considered defects and will not be warranted such as these:



Elite technical suits are tight fitting due to the compression and the utmost care must be taken when fitting.

Fitting can and usually does take several minutes, up to 30 minutes may be required depending on your suit’s compression level and how much experience you have putting on elite technical suits.

Below are some expert advice from our experienced staff:

Fold out the silicone grippers on the legs of the suit before you put it on to ensure it doesn’t stick to your skin.

Do not pull on the thinnest parts of the suit, only pull on the strong seams or double layered fabric.

Pull the suit on straight, do not roll or stretch it.

The hips are the hardest part of the body to get the suit over and should take the longest time.

The suit should be completely fitted and properly adjusted on the legs/groin/hip area before beginning to pull up the torso (for females).

Bring the bottom of the short up as high as it can go on the leg. This ensures you have extra material to cinch up.

Keep away sharp objects and long fingernails.

Once the suit is fitted correctly fold down the silicone grippers and you are ready to race.




Rinse immediately in clean cold water after each use. Chlorine will damage the suit over time.

Lay your suit out flat and re-shape it after use.

Leave flat on a towel to dry. Hanging to dry will cause stretching.

Keep away from sharp objects and long nails.

When putting the suit on try to use only the pads of your fingers.


What’s the difference between Lycra/blended material suits and 100% polyester suits?

It is an important difference to note that each brand carries 100% polyester suits as well as blends of other materials. 100% polyester suits are more durable than different blends and can withstand chlorine and other pool chemicals the best, however Lycra and blended suits are softer and stretchier.

Below are tips to prolong the life of your swimsuit:

1. Rinse in cold water immediately after each use.

2. Do not wash suit with any detergent or put in a washing machine/dryer.

3. Always hang-dry your suit in a well-ventilated space, as mildew will cause premature deterioration of swimwear.

4. Remember that loose fitting garments do not wear as well as those that conform to the body. We always recommend when deciding between 2 sizes to go with the smaller size.

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